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Frequently Asked Questions for Subscription

Question : What is CEP / ACEP / RB ?
Answer : CEP stands for Continuous Education Program. It is a program that provides you with 5 (Five) audio CDs on a monthly basis. An ACEP will provide you with a CEP plus 3 leadership talks for an ABO developing a large network. RB means Recommended Book.
Question : What is CEP / ACEP PLUS * Recently added
Answer : It is a program that provides you a MP3 along with the CEP / ACEP Pack, which will hold all the CEP / ACEP talks in MP3 Format.
Question : What does Courier to : Upline address / Your address mean ?
Answer : Courier to "Upline address" means subscriptions get delivered to the upline Key Leader's address and "Your address" means Subscriptions get couriered directly to the subscribers address.
Question : How do I get the CEP ?
Answer : You should subscribe to the CEP by filling the Subscription form and submitting it to Network TwentyOne India Private Limited 309, Datani Plaza, West-East Industrial Estate, Safed Pool, Andheri Kurla Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 072. Maharashtra, India Telephone : 022 40072121 email :
Question : What is the last date to submit the Subscription form ?
Answer : You should ensure that your form reaches Network TwentyOne Mumbai Office by the 10th of every month to be registered in that month itself. If 10th falls on Saturday or Sunday, then next working day will be considered as last day. Forms received after 10th will be considered for the following month.
Question : How can I Pay for my CEP ?
Answer : You can pay for CEP by Demand Draft, Credit Card and Payment Gateway.
Question : Can I pay by AT PAR cheque?
Answer : No, cheques are not accepted by Network TwentyOne.
Question : What name should I draw the demand draft on ?
Answer : Demand Draft should be drawn on Network TwentyOne India Pvt. Ltd. payable at Mumbai
Question : How can I pay by credit card ?
Answer : If you wish to pay by credit card, you should enter your credit card details on the subscription form and sign it. In addittion you should attach a photocopy of your credit card (front and back side with Signature) with your subscription form.
Question : I do not wish to disclose the CVV Number on my credit card ?
Answer : You should never disclose your CVV Number to any Person. Please scratch the CVV Number before you send the credit card photocopy to Network TwentyOne.
Question : When will Network TwentyOne charge my credit card ?
Answer : Your credit card will be charged between 11th to 15th of the month.
Question : What happens if my credit card does not get charged ?
Answer : When your credit card is not charged ( for whatever reason). You will not receive your CEP for that month. However you can order it as 1 month BSM order by filling BSM order form and sending it to us by 14th of every month. If 14th falls on Saturday or Sunday, then next working day will be considered. Forms received after 14th will be considered for following month.
Question : Will Network TwentyOne call me if my credit card is declined ?
Answer : No, The credit cards are charged at the Bank and Network TwentyOne will receive the information form the Bank later.
Question : How will I know that my credit card is declined ?
Answer : All Banks provide mobile alerts for credit card transactions. You should register yourself for these alerts. For more details, please contact your credit card provider.
Question : Can I track my delivery status ?
Answer : Yes, your Key Leader can help you in tracking your CEP delivery status. Network TwentyOne provides the courier information to your Key Leader through the CEP sale report. You can track your courier online by using this formation. Delivery by few courier companies and post can not be tracked online.
Question : Can I subscribe to CEP by email ?
Answer : Yes, you can subscribe to CEP by email through your Key Leader. You can send us a scanned copy of your subscription form along with a scanned copy (front and back side without CVV Number) of your credit card with sign on back copy.
Question : How can I cancel my CEP subscription ?
Answer : You can cancel your CEP subscription by writting to us on You should mention your subscription number while sneding a cancellation request to us. You will receive a written confirmation from us confirming the cancellation. Cancellation received by 10th of the month will get actioned in that month itself and request received later than 10th will get actioned from the following month.
Question : When can I cancel my CEP ?
Answer : You can cancel your subscription at the end of your subscription tenure. Example, if you have subscription for 3 months CEP in January, your subscription can be cancelled from April.
Question : What do I fill under N21 Key Leader Code ?
Answer : Your upline / sponser can help you get this detail. Kindly fill this details before sending the form as incomplete forms will be returned back to the sender.
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